Veronica Hagen 

Voice & Songwriting Instructor

Jesus is my life, my passion. Singing is a gifting and I enjoy using this gifting to demonstrate my love for God.  My passion for singing began at the age of 4 while singing with my Dad on our local radio station. My mom helped me cultivate this gifting through 25 years of her vocal instruction to the community of Manchester, Ky.  I love being a mentor and leader.  I look forward to sharing any experience or talent that I have to shape the gifts in those around me. I have had ups & downs in the area of being a worship leader with my husband for the last 20 years. However, these challenges have grown me into the worshipper and vocalist that I am today. I continue to grow in my craft even in my 40’s.  I am excited to join the team here at the McNeil Music Center and I look forward to having a positive, musical impact on our local community of brave, talented vocalists of all ages.