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McNeil Music Center (MMC) is celebrating the one-year anniversary of instructor, Carol Esch, and welcoming Bradley Gilmore to its teaching roster. And although their performance styles are very diverse, both Esch and Gilmore say that they love what percussion instruments have done for them – from early childhood all the way to today.

For the past year, Esch has been offering hammered dulcimer, bowed psaltery, and percussion lessons at MMC. “I am still so excited to be a part of what’s going on at McNeil Music Center,” Esch said. “The support I get from the faculty members and students makes this so meaningful to me.”

Known as an accomplished hammered dulcimer player, Esch is part of the well-known local Celtic ensemble, Pleasant Company. However, she began studying drums, bells, xylophone, marimba, vibraphone and tympani throughout her grade school and high school years. As an adult, she has focused on hammered dulcimer and bowed psaltery and has taught those instruments for the past ten years.

From March 14 to April 25, Esch will be offering a Basic Rhythms Class from 4:00 to 4:30 p.m. for students aged seven to ten. “This will be a great way for young people to give drums a try,” said Esch. “I remember starting at this age and it really gave me a good beginning for all the bands and ensembles I performed in later.”

For the more experimental individual, Bradley Gilmore hopes to bring the sounds being played around the world to Somerset. He is now offering drum set and abstract percussion. Students will learn about the instrument they are playing, while understanding and identifying patterns, basic drumming rudiments, and how to explore the world through percussion.

“I hope to open up people’s perceptions to more music and what there is in the world,” said Gilmore. “We’ll explore together and draw awareness to what’s going on.”

Gilmore also hopes to introduce instrument making classes. “I create unusual instruments, where up to seven people can be playing on one instrument at the same time,” said Gilmore. “It’s great to see people let loose and find that inner creativity they didn’t know they had.”

For more information on Esch’s Basic Rhythms Class, go to and look under “Programs.” For more information on Gilmore’s classes, also go to MMC’s website, call 606-303-3325, or e-mail

The McNeil Music Center is located in the lower level of the Carnegie Community Arts Center, 107 N. Main Street in Somerset. The Carnegie is wheelchair accessible from the back of the building. 

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