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The McNeil Music Center (MMC) has awarded this year’s Josh Dalton Memorial Scholarship to Somerset resident, Maxine Baughman.  The scholarship will allow Baughman to enroll in a comprehensive, nine-month program at MMC.

“We are so thrilled to give this very first scholarship to a very deserving individual,” said Maria McNeil, CEO and Artistic Director of MMC.  “Our desire is to reach out to those who cannot afford private lessons, but who exhibit real musical talent.  This scholarship will help and Maxine is the perfect person to introduce this opportunity to the Somerset area.”

Baughman was born in Pennsylvania, but moved to Somerset five years ago to study at the Cumberland Beauty School.  While studying at the beauty school, she also pursued her love of the arts by teaching multiple forms of dance and gymnastics, choreographing many dances, writing plays, and involving herself in Flashback Theater and Somerset Community College productions.  Currently, she is in the process of writing a musical in collaboration with a musician in England

“I am always looking for ways to expand my horizons and keep my eyes open for growth,” Baughman said.  “An opportunity like this (scholarship) will allow me to continue pursuing my little goals to accomplish my big dreams.”

The Josh Dalton Memorial Scholarship is named after Josh Dalton, who was born in Kidder, KY in 1916.  His family moved to the Pointer/Cains Store area when he was two years old.  Dalton was raised in a musical family, known for playing at barn dances and singing together.  However, he never received the education that would have helped him musically.  

“My father was truly a gifted musician,” said Kasandra McNeil, “but he would always say that he wondered what would have happened if he could have formally studied music.  ‘What if’ was a big part of his life and I could tell he always regretted not having the training he needed that would have complemented his extraordinary talent.”

In 2016, Kasandra thought about how she could commemorate the 100th anniversary of her father’s birth.  “I had a talk with Maria and said I would love to do something meaningful to celebrate Dad’s life.  She suggested a scholarship and I immediately knew that was the answer,” said Kasandra.  “What a perfect way to remember my Dad’s musical talent.  Help someone else avoid that dreadful ‘what if’ question in their life.  It was a perfect idea.”

A comprehensive, nine-month program was developed which will allow the scholarship awardee to study voice, piano, and music theory.  

For more information about the scholarship, contact McNeil Music Center at 400 W. Mt. Vernon Street (Old City Hall)  in Somerset by calling 606-303-3325.  Or visit the MMC website at:  You can also like their Facebook page.  

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