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Well-known singer/songwriter, Kevin Dalton, says he remembers where he was standing when he heard the McNeil Music Center (MMC) students perform at the second Winter Music Showcase (in 2015).

“It was one year ago and I was the featured act, so I was waiting in the back of the hall and I followed the students who had won auditions to perform (for the Showcase). While I watched those students perform, I saw what the instructors were doing and the difference they were making with those kids. I decided right there that I wanted to contribute to that,” Dalton said.

In January of 2016, Dalton met with Maria McNeil, MMC’s CEO and Artistic Director, and expressed interest in joining the teaching roster. Since then, he has offered guitar, ukulele, and mandolin lessons, and has led several songwriting workshops.

“Every time I come in to teach a class, I’m so amazed at what I hear coming from other rooms,” Dalton said. “Not only the quality but the quantity of students in this area with real talent. I get to hear violins in one room and voices singing in others, and piano lessons. And I always think to myself when I hear all these lessons going on, ‘if I had had this opportunity when I was young, how much more quickly I would have progressed as a musician.’”

Dalton says that he benefitted from an uncle, who taught him the basics of playing the guitar. “But after that, I pretty much taught myself everything I do today,” Dalton said.

Today, Dalton is a popular performer – not only in Somerset – but throughout Kentucky. With his band, Tuesday Blooms, he performs regularly in Lexington, Corbin, and Somerset, just to name a few. He also is a prolific songwriter and is known for his unique sound.

Dalton says that, on a few occasions, he has been able to invite some of his students to perform with him. “I’ve been able to help students play and get over the fear of playing in front of other people. This increases their confidence,” Dalton said.

When asked by parents what he recommends for their child, Dalton doesn’t hesitate with advice: “I encourage parents to support their kids and allow them to give music a try. That’s because music is an important aspect of life. Also, I knew at a very early age that playing guitar and performing was something I wanted to do.”

Dalton will be conducting a six-week beginner songwriting class, starting March 14th. Students will examine the craft of writing a song and investigate how structure, melody, and lyrics function together to create a well-written song. Each student will then write an original song and perform it in a public recital at the end of the course.

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