Music Grows


 What is Music Grows?

Music Grows is our early music education program that incorporates the domains of early childhood development. The brainchild of owner, Maria McNeil and Christy Adams, Music Grows is designed to engage children ages 2-8 by learning about music. Music Grows encourages the importance of having parents and caregivers actively participate in class with their children. Each 30-45minute class is packed with music games, movement, and social activities. Classes involve learning basic music concepts with singing, moving, listening, and exploring musical instruments. Music Grows was developed by music specialist, Natali Freed and is taught by Joanna Moses.

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Music Grows

Mark your calendars for Music Grows:

Music Grows will be back at the Pulaski County Public Library in August every 3rd Friday of the month at 10am with the Library's Story Telling Program.