Ginny Henderson 

Instructor: Flute, Violin, Voice, Piano & Guitar

Ginny Henderson is a musician with a passion to develop the next generation of musicians, seeking to cultivate a strong love and enthusiasm for music in all of her students. A well-rounded musician, Ms. Henderson enjoys working with private students on flute, guitar, piano, singing, ukulele and violin, and also enjoys working with groups: choirs, concert bands, modern bands, and leading movement activities with children. Before she began teaching music in the classroom at Somerset Christian School, Ms. Henderson studied the flute at the Wheaton College Conservatory of Music in the Chicago suburbs. She credits her early musical development however to her involvement in the school band program at SHS, in addition to the gracious commitment of her family to provide her with countless instruments and various lessons through the years. Ms. Henderson has also developed musically and gained performance experience as a church musician for many years. After hearing the call to teach, Ms. Henderson went on to obtain her Master of Arts in Teaching degree at EKU, where she studied the educational process in depth and received training on all band and orchestral instruments.