Bill Mullins

Instructor: Guitar & Bass

Fredrick Nietzsche once said “Life without music would be a mistake.” I couldn’t agree more. I am constantly enamored with all the diversity within the sounds and tones. When you hear Brian Mays guitar mimic cello runs in Millionaire’s Waltz. Or when you hear the reference to Copland in Rush’s La Villa Strangiato. One of my favorite memories in witnessing musics power to bring everyone o the same emotional status was in Huntsville, Alabama. I attended a concert by the Los Angeles Guitar Quartet. The audience was a wide mix of Alabama’s aging well to do elite, young college hippie revisionists and people like myself, who love the guitar in all its variations. Midway through the performance the group played exerts from the Barber of Seville, in which there is a famous Bugs Bunny scene to that movement. You could see the recognition of that piece flow across the face of everyone in the hall. A smile and a small chuckle was given by all. Music has an amazing power of unity. “Where words fail, Music speaks.”