Study with creative and talented faculty who will bring their rich professional background to each lesson. They are mentors, collaborators, and your industry connections. They will inspire you to open your mind to go beyond what you thought were your limits.






Maria McNeil

CEO & Artistic Director

Voice Instructor

"There is nothing like singing when you have had a bad day. The vibrations are like having a massage that tickles the negative energy away... My goal when teaching is to guide students to discover their true sound and full potential while experiencing the joy of creating sound in a healthy way"



Bill McNeil

Principal Artistic Advisor

Violin Instructor



Amanda Balltrip

Instructor: Voice 

"My favorite thing about music is interpretation and collaboration. Though my training is specialized (classical), as an instructor I find the basics to be the most important. I focus on building a solid technical foundation, expression, and joy of singing."



Kevin Dalton

Instructor: Guitar, Ukulele, Mandolin & Songwriting 



Joanna Moses

Instructor: Voice, Piano & Bebop Kids



Sommer Schoch

Instructor: Acting & Performance Coach

"As a teacher and director, I help students and actors realize their personal commitment to telling a story and then guide them in sharing that story with others in a fulfilling way. There is nothing better than finally seeing a student or actor totally embrace a character and tell their story viscerally. That's theater. That's what I love."



Bradley Gilmore

Bradley Gilmore 

Instructor: Percussion & Drum Set

“I hope to open up people’s perceptions to more music and what there is in the world.We’ll explore together and draw awareness to what’s going on.”



Kyle Broady

Instructor: Piano Instructor



Debby McDonald

Instructor: Piano Instructor



Veronica Hagen

Instructor: Voice & Songwriting Instructor



Bill Mullins

Bill Mullins

Instructor: Guitar & Bass


Ginny Henderson

Instructor: Flute, Violin, Piano, Guitar & Voice

"God has used music to bring me so much joy in my life and I get so excited to see others discover their own enjoyment in making music."