Carol Esch

Instructor: Hammered Dulcimer, Bowed Psaltry and Percussion

Carol Esch began playing percussion in 1977 at the age of nine. She progressed from snare drum to the drum set by 1979, then on to bells, xylophone and marimba by 1981. All through high school she performed on mallet instruments including tympani and vibraphone. She was a member of her school’s symphonic band, orchestra and jazz band from 1980 through 1986. The Lahser High School Band and Orchestra’s won gold and silver medals at the Washington DC International Festival in 1985, Carol performed in all three bands. Carol’s longtime instructor was a member of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra’s percussion section, Myron McDonald.

Since 1999 Carol has focused mainly on the hammered dulcimer and bowed psaltery, but still performs percussion when requested. Carol is a member of “Pleasant Company,” a group of local musicians who has been performing since 1999. Their members include Carrie Altmaier on flute, Elizabeth Loiacono on piano, Carol Esch on hammered dulcimer, Bill McNeil on violin and John McQueary on guitar. Their favorite music to play is Irish, Celtic and Scottish tunes, while their repertoire also includes folk, classical, religious and a little jazz. They perform regularly at weddings, dinner parties, churches and have performed at the Master Musicians Festival. Pleasant Company’s first CD was released in 2014.

Carol has ten years of teaching experience in hammered dulcimer and bowed psaltery, beginning at dulcimer festivals where she and her husband Joe sold hammered dulcimers and bowed psalteries they hand crafted.